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Our Harrogate Chiropractors Top Tips to Avoid Text Neck and Cut Back on Your Phone Time.

Posted: April 8th, 2020

1. Make it hard to access even if just for a few minutes

If your lifestyle allows it, keep your phone tucked away and check it at designated times throughout the day, this can prevent you from constantly checking your phone.

2. Delete your work email from your phone

Give yourself clear boundaries between home and work life once you have finished work.

3. Take your lunch break

Take a break from your phone and spend time with your friends and family and the people around you. Allow yourself a “cool down” period away from technology this is especially useful before bed. The blue light from phone screens suppresses the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin. Loss of sleep due to nighttime social media use can lead to insomnia and poorer mental health.

4. Learn moderation

We know that eating too much junk food is bad. Drinking too much alcohol is also bad for you. Perhaps we need to view technology in a similar way.

5. Look after your wellbeing

Do the things you enjoy and go out and have fun without being glued to your phone, don’t forget a lot of these amazing pictures you see are fake so spend your time in the real world with the people you care about.

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