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Why do Chiropractors adjust areas of my spine, even if they don't hurt?

Posted: May 4th, 2020

To answer this question it’s important to gain an overview of the context surrounding your Harrogate Chiropractor’s aim.

The aim: To restore normal joint motion to areas of the spine that are not working properly. We know from the literature that when a joint isn’t working properly, misfiring within the nervous system occurs.

Your nervous system is the overarching control centre for every action within your body, therefore any interference within this system can have far-reaching effects.

As your nervous system controls all actions, we recognise that it makes sense that your body will have a higher capacity to function better without interference than it ever could with interference.

Therefore our goal as Chiropractor’s is to remove this interference when present.


The easiest way to understand this is to Imagine you turn on too many electrical devices in your home and the circuit trips. Why does the circuit trip? The circuit shuts down to defend and prevent a fire, when the system is compromised. - Think of your nervous system as your body's own electrical circuit, with each wire going to a different plug socket or cell within the body. When overloaded the system short circuits and the fuse blows in-order to prevent injury or damage to itself.

Chiropractors find this interference within your circuit board and flip the switch back on restoring normal communication between your brain and body. Now, what would happen if the circuit board was switched back on but the stress was still present? The circuit would trip again, this is why we look to decrease any areas of stress within your nervous system, not just the painful site alone.

The only difference between an electrical circuit and the nervous system, is the fact that the latter is a dynamic system constantly learning and improving, unlike the unchanging static electrical circuit, proactively getting adjusted and removing any interference can help increase and upgrade your nervous system so you can manage stress more effectively.


Your body will revert back to its normal state of function, however, if this is a chronic case, meaning that there has been interference for a long time. It is a process to get back to this normal state as your nervous system has ingrained this pattern and just like muscle memory it takes time to break and relearn a new cycle.

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