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Harrogate Chiropractor Talks about Text Neck


What is Text Neck?

Text Neck is a term used when people get aches and pains or discomfort in their neck and arms as a result of staring down at their phones for too long. It is caused by prolonged forward head carriage and can cause carnage to the sensitive structures within your neck.

Could text neck be causing your headaches?

Imagine you have been scrolling through Facebook and you begin to feel a little ache in your neck and shoulders. This is surprisingly very common and I’m sure you have noticed whilst looking at other people on their phones it can really affect your posture. It also affects your neck and your arms too and is what we call Text Neck. As such this is an issue we find ourselves addressing at Falcon Chiropractic more now than ever before.

How can we get rid of text neck?

Move your phone up to your face rather than moving your face to your phone. Your phone should be held at eye level. This is the same for other types of technology such as laptops, computer screens and iPads.

Take a break from your phone to avoid you looking down with your head bent forward for long periods. Be aware of your posture whilst using your phone. The same advice applies whilst watching TV and driving, as these activities will put excessive strain on your neck if you are sat for long periods with your head bent forward.

Keep moving!

You may have heard of the phrase couch potato. More and more people are taking on a sedentary lifestyle as their job and routine does not require them to move. It is really important to exercise and keep moving! This will also prevent you from holding a poor posture for too long.

This doesn’t mean you need to spend hours in the gym, this can be a leisurely walk. The important thing is to keep moving to get your heart pumping and your body working...

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