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Harrogate Chiropractor Covers How You Can Make Working From Home, Less Detrimental to Your Back

Posted: April 12th, 2020

Due to Recent events many of our patients at Falcon Chiropractic have found themselves working from home. There are certainly lots of positive factors from working from home such as reduced commutes to work but it is also important to be aware of your mind and body too...

Here are our tips to help you set up the perfect space to work from home:

1. Sit on a supportive chair

this is really important as it's easy to sit on the sofa or in bed however this does not give you back enough support. If possible, have lumbar support for your back or if you don't have a chair to sit on try using an exercise ball as that will help engage your core.

2. Set up your laptop screen or monitor at eye level

This keeps you looking straight ahead, preventing you from tilting your head forward and looking down at your screen. If you need to raise your screen try placing a few books underneath.

3. Use a mouse instead of using a touchpad on a laptop

This will help you open up your shoulders allowing your spine to be in a more neutral position. It is also much easier to take a deep breath in when your shoulders are open and you are sitting tall compared to slouching and bringing your shoulders inwards.

4. Take advantage of the extra time

You will have undoubtedly gained additional time throughout your day by eliminating that commute to work, consider utilising this extra time by going for a walk, exercising or even taking the time to make a nice breakfast.

5. Separate work from home

When you're working from home it is really important to separate your work life from your home life so make sure once you have finished work you can detach from it. Try not to look at your emails or any work-related task and make sure you take a break from it.

6. Keep moving

It's really easy to get engrossed with work and spend hours behind your computer but try to get up and have a walk around as much as possible even if it's only for a few minutes.

7. Stay hydrated

It is really important to keep hydrated, make sure you have a bottle of water near you throughout the entire day.

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