Here are some exercises to keep you on track over the next few weeks. You do not have to do all of them at once, try a couple a day 3x through for 10 repetitions, or until you feel that you have worked the muscles adequately.

When training the muscles of the wrist and forearm it is common to experience a burning or even a throbbing sensation this is completely normal and we want to chase this burning sensation, however, we want to avoid any sharp pains as best as we can.

It's important to note that these exercises may temporarily aggravate the pain and discomfort, however, once the muscles recover this will subside, over time this will be less common.

If you need a modified version of any of these please let us know, as we plan to add to these over the next few weeks...

Additionally, if any of these movements aggravate your complaint, please refrain from doing that specific movement.

we hope you enjoy!