Your Spinal Stability Exercises

These 3 exercises have been developed to allow anyone to begin building a foundation of spinal stability, it is important to note that these exercises form the base of a progressive exercise regime.

This training regime is split into 3 rounds, each position is held for a total of 7-8 seconds at a time. Take approximately 1-minute rest between each of the following rounds.


Round 1 = Complete 5 repetitions of each exercise for 7-8 second holds (totalling 35-40 seconds)


Round 2 = Complete 4 repetitions of 7-8 second holds (totalling 28-32 seconds)


Round 3 = complete 3 repetitions of 7-8 second holds (totalling 21-24 seconds)

These exercises are beneficial when carried out three times per week, however, the patients that benefitted most completed these exercises on a daily level.

If you experience any discomfort or pain while carrying out any of the movements below, please refrain from doing the aggravating movement, until we provide you with a suitable alternative.