How To Avoid Back Pain While Driving...

Many patients report some level of discomfort, stiffness or even pain caused by driving. Therefore we have compiled some of Harrogate Chiropractor Tom's advice on how to optimise your driving experience with your spine in mind.

Taking supportive measures:

Spending a sustained period of time in a detremental position may lead to aches and pains within and around your spinal column, this is due to your spine which has several natural curves resembling multiple "S" shapes, being forced into an unnatural "C" shape position.

To address this aim to sit up tall in your seat closer to an "I" shape. You may want to consider adding a rolled up towel or a "lumbar support" behind the small of your back to support the natural curvature of your lower back. The closer you are able to get to your natural posture, the longer your back will be able to tollerate sitting down.

Check your steering wheel:

Why is this important? spending a sustained period of time reaching with outstretched arms may lead to excessive tension building up across your neck and shoulders. This may lead to a strain over time, as such We advise our patients to drive with a slight bend at the elbow.

Check your chair:

Ensure that you can reach your pedals with ease and that you are not over reaching with your feet. Also check that your chair is not over reclined, we want to avoid having to hold the head in a sustained forward position throughout journeys, as straining the neck cause headaches.

Aim to take Microbreaks:

If you are not in a rush to get to your destination, consider taking a 5 minute break every 20-40 minutes into your journey. Chunking a journey down into increments gives your spine a chance to relax.

What to do once you arrive:

Aim to swing both legs out of the car together in one motion, keeping your knees touching, this avoids excessive strain while twisting. Placing two plastic shopping bags underneith your hips may make it easier to pivot out the car by reducing friction.