How Can You Get A Better Nights Sleep?

It's often stated that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, as such it may seem strange to think that some of us are doing it the wrong way. At Falcon Chiropractic we often find that most patients choose a sleeping position solely on comfort. While this is important it's neccessary to note that comfort does not always equal optimal.

Poor lumbar may lead to poor slumber:

If you prefer to sleep in a position detremental to your spinal biomechanics, you may be causing yourself unneccessary aches and stiffness, which may lead to a poor nights sleep and a poor start to the morning.

As your spine encompasses your entire spinal cord, pressure to this structure can cause pain and discomfort anywhere throughout your body.

This position is the one to avoid:

Sleeping on your front is the most detremental position from a biomechanical point of view. Sleeping on your front often means sleeping with your head turned to one side, exerting excessive pressure on your neck, this may result in a sore neck, headaches or even pins and needles.

+ If you absolutely must sleep on your front consider adding a pillow under your pelvis in order to releive some pressure from your lower back.

How should I sleep?

When looking for your optimum position spinal alignment should come first and comfort second. It is of paramount importance that you try to support your back throughout the night.

On Your Back:

One way to look after your spine is to sleep on your back with a relatively low profile pillow behind your head and neck. Avoid using multiple pillows in this position as this causes your chin to tuck down and forward.

+ Also consider adding an additional pillow behind the back of your knees, as this takes pressure off your lower back.

On your side:

If you prefer to sleep on your left hand side you are in luck, as this position aids circulation and decreases the chance of acid reflux as this position promotes elongation of the spine. Therefore it's no surprise that up to 41% of the population choose to sleep in this position.

+ Upgrade this position by choosing a pillow about the width from the edge of your shoulder to your ear, alongside adding a pillow between the knees this may reduce the likelihood of twisting and turning throughout the night alongside limiting torsion throughout your lower back.

At the end of the day, it's important that you find a position that is not only comfortable but also contributes to your spinal wellbeing.

For more tips check out Harrogate Chiropractor Tom's advice on how to match a pillow to your sleeping position in the link below: