Harrogate Chiropractor

If you have any of the following you may benefit from a consultation:

Shoulder pain


Back pain

Neck pain


Tension/inability to relax

Joint Pain/stiffness

Muscle spasms


Poor posture

Get to the root cause of your pain!

Discovering the cause of your pain is the first step to getting you back on track...

Tom Blayney

Doctor of Chiropractic

MChiro DC Pgcert

Jessica Falconer

Doctor of Chiropractic

BSc/MSc DC Pgcert

Breakdown of what's included
First Appointment
1. Initial Consultation:
We take you through a complete case history, to find out what may be causing your pain to discover if you are a suitable candidate for our clinic, if not we will refer you to the right clinician for you.
2. Thorough Physical Examination:
This allows us to discover what may be causing your pain, we do this by carrying out a series of neurological and orthopaedic tests specific to your complaint to assess the muscles, joints and nerves of your body.
3. Digital Posture Assessment:
This enables us to quantify how much stress your body is under.
4. Weightbearing X-Rays (if Clinically Indicated)
This can help us to see exactly what's going on. Revealing any hidden internal causes of your pain, providing you with the highest level of safety.​
Second Appointment
5. Detailed Report of Findings:
Your Chiropractor will review your case step by step, giving you a greater understanding of what is causing your pain.
Usually, this process comes to £160 including X-rays, however, due to our Re-Opening offer we are offering all the above for just £60
***This offer does not include a chiropractic adjustment or treatment***


"I was in so much pain in my back and pelvis before I met Jessica and Tom. I just wish I had contacted Falcon Chiropractic earlier in my pregnancy... Sometimes I forget I am pregnant these days!"


"I can take a shower and not feel pain for the first time since I broke my neck (10 years ago)! Thank you so much!"


"Best decision ever!! Feel very good and energized!"

What our patients say about us


"Fantastic team! Who pays attention to details + gives great care"


"So much more movement. Fab team"


"Thanks to Tom and Jessica my health and quality of life has improved greatly"

Our clinic:
Find us at 109 Cold Bath Road Harrogate, next to Saint Michael's Hospice.
There is a free 3-hour disc zone along both side roads adjacent to the clinic.
If required we can provide you with a parking disc upon arrival.